Bed Bug Inspection & Removal

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Bed Bug Treatments

Stewart Termite and Pest Control provide residential homeowners throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas with bed bug control services. With our comprehensive visual inspection and extermination methods, we can detect the bed bugs and viable eggs found in your home and apply the most optimal means of extermination to ensure they are completely expelled from your residence.

Signs; How to Identify Bed Bug Pests

Bed bugs are a dull brown color, flat-bodied and small. By adulthood they only get to about the size of an apple seed. After consuming blood from their host, preferring human blood, they are engorged and appear redder than brown. While you sleep, bed bugs come out and feed before returning to their day-time hiding spot as they are nocturnal. Besides seeing bed bugs themselves, the most obvious sign you have them is waking up with bites! Bites usually appear in zig zag lines or clusters on exposed areas such as arms and legs. Other signs of bed bugs include blood spots and rusty colored fecal matter on sheets, shed skin and an unpleasant musty odor.

Bed Bug Inspections

Bed Bugs generally stick to the bed during daylight hours, hiding in nooks and crannies found around the headboard and frame, as well as the mattress, box spring, and within the bedding. Bed bugs reproduce quickly, and as their numbers grow, they will look for additional places to hide in the day in other places of the bedroom. The larger their numbers, the more they will explore other areas of your home. Because they are so inconspicuous and can hide virtually anywhere, detecting all the bed bugs can be a challenge to the untrained homeowner. Stewart Termite and Pest Control have extensive knowledge about bed bugs, including their habits and behavior. Our specialists will perform a thorough inspection to locate where all the bed bugs and their eggs are in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home.

Bed Bug Extermination & Monitoring

Following the comprehensive bed bug inspection of your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, Stewart Termite and Pest Control experts will discuss the most plausible solution for your individual needs. Factors that are considered are the depth of the bed bug infestation, your home’s circumstances and other such information. Exterminating all the bed bugs and their eggs is essential to prevent any residual infestations. With our thorough application of proven effective exterminating methods and monitoring, we will ensure your bed bug problem is completely rectified.

Bed Bug Control & Removal

If you suspect bed bugs, or know your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home has bed bugs, contact Stewart Termite and Pest Control and let our specialists help you rid your home of these little pests.

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