Bee & Wasp Control Services

Bees and wasps are not only invasive insects, but they also use harmful stings as defensive or even aggressive measures. For those allergic to bee stings, this can be deadly, while it is painful to others. Because they fly, bees and wasps often nest in hard-to-reach places that cause other hazards as well. Stewart Termite & Pest Control removes these insects and their nests safely so you and your family and guests can avoid injury.

Carpenter Bees Exterminating

There are many different types of bees and wasps. Most bees and wasps create paper-type nests that hang from roofs or trees, or they may be made inside hanging from ceilings or attics. Carpenter bees will drill holes in porch roofs and fascia boards on the exterior of structures. Other species make their nests in the ground and may even find their way into ceilings. Some nests are very small and can easily go unnoticed and accidentally upsetting the nest will cause the bee or wasp to sting. Other nests can be very large, consisting of thousands of bees, and should only be handled by an expert.

Bald Faced & European Hornets Control

Bees are not the only stinging pests that Stewart Termite & Pest Control experts contend with. Your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home can endure hornets and yellow jackets as well. Bald face hornets and European hornets are the more common species in the area. European hornets are typically only aggressive if they feel their colony is in danger. Their papery nests are often constructed in high secluded areas. European hornets will claim hollow trees, attics, porches and inside wall voids to build their nests. Bald face hornets are far more aggressive than their European hornet cousin looking similar to the yellow jacket. The biggest distinction is the whitish hairs that cover the majority of their face and body. Nests are also in elevated in places such as hollowed trees, tree branches and bushes.

Getting Rid of Yellow Jacket Wasps & Their Nests

Stewart Termite & Pest Control take care of the yellow jackets that intrude in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania property. They are often mistaken for bees at first glance, but their slender bodies, more sparse hair and lack of expanded hind legs all all tell tale signs that they are actually wasps. Yellow jackets are considered to be more beneficial than just a stinging insect that dampens your day at the park scavenging for meats, and sugary crumbs. They pollinate and consume insects such as flies, beetle grubs and other harmful pests. Yellow jackets build their nests under porches and steps, sidewalk cracks, and the base of trees, as they prefer to be closer to the ground. They are aggressive in the defense of their colony and can deliver multiple and painful stings so most people don’t want them living close by.

Bee, Wasp & Hornet Removal

If bees are endangering you, your family or your guests, deal with the problem immediately before the hive grows. Call us today, and our professional bee exterminators will remove bees, wasps and hornets from your home, garage, shed or yard.

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