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Types of Ticks Commonly Found in Pittsburgh, PA

Stewart Termite and Pest Control knows the impact fleas and ticks can have on residents in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. With our tick and flea control services, we can save you from the health risk they pose to your family and pets. Common ticks found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas are the following:
American Dog Tick – Adult American dog ticks are frequently found on dogs, but as youth they tend to latch onto small rodents and birds. Besides hosting on dogs, rodents and birds, American Dog Ticks will also attach to cats and a number of wild animals. American dog ticks have a distinctive white marking on their back. They spread a number of diseases including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, tularemia, and they have also been known to cause tick paralysis.
Blacklegged, or Deer Tick: Blacklegged Ticks are also called deer ticks because they are commonly found on white-tail deer. They will attach to many small mammals, domestic pets and people. They tend to stay in nature settings but can be brought home after a hike or similar outdoor activity. Blacklegged ticks are greatly responsible for spreading Lyme disease among other such diseases.
Lone Star Tick: They are so named due to the females bearing a white star-shaped mark on their backs. They will attach to wild mammals, domestic pets and people. The lone star tick is known to transmit tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and causes tick paralysis in people and dogs.
Groundhog Tick: Groundhog ticks, as their name indicates, are found mostly attached to groundhogs, but occasionally are found attached to small birds and mammals, as well as people. They can transmit some diseases as well, such as Powassan disease.

Types of Fleas that Bite Humans & Pets

The more common fleas found in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania areas include Bird fleas, Dog fleas, and Cat fleas. They don’t just bite the creature they are named after. Each species of fleas can (literally) jump around to cats and dogs; as well as humans. To tell these species apart, you generally need a microscope. Fleas can cause distress in your pets with their relentless bites. Prevention is optimal, but if you suspect fleas, be sure to get your pet to the vet for treatment.

Tick & Flea Control in Your Home & Yard

Ticks or fleas on your pet or yourself can easily mean an infestation is on the rise on your property or even worse; inside your home. If you spot or even suspect ticks or fleas in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residence, contact Stewart Termite and Pest today and let our experts ensure your home or property is tick and flea free.

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