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There are many different types of insects that find their way into homes and may make their nests. Infestations occur at any time, when breeding and nesting takes place in the spring or summer, or when insects find shelter in the winter.  Some insects are a terrible nuisance, while others can even be dangerous to your health. Stewart Termite and Pest Control addresses each insect problem individually to locate nests, destroy the pests and stop them from returning.

Insect Pest Control

Many infesting insects make nests and multiply in unused areas of the home, or in vulnerable areas such as garages, basements or attics. Some fast-growing nuisance insects include black flies, cockroaches, silverfish, stink bugs and beetles. There are also biting or stinging insects that invade, which can be dangerous, such as spiders, wasps, yellow jackets or bed bugs. Some insects are driven inside by the available shelter, while others may be attracted to dampness or food.

Whatever type of insect has invaded your home, we will find where they are nesting and remove the problem. Stop fighting an uphill battle against invasive insects and call the experts to stop the problem today.

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