Rat & Mice Control

Rats and mice may invade any home, business or apartment building, both in the city or in the country. Rodents have adapted to live close to humans and forage off garbage, refuse or leftover food, so they can flourish in nearly any environment. Stewart Termite & Pest Control implements effective rodent control and removal services which target rat and mice populations living in or around your home. Our rat & mice infestation extermination programs eradicate these pests quickly and effectively.

Mice & Rat Rodent Removal

Home, business or apartment owners that find rats or mice in their building often use traps to stop the problem. When rats or mice nests become entrenched in your building, however, the adults will continue to multiply faster than you can catch them. Our experts will provide the proper service and know how to eliminate the active issues and control the population around the structure and from inside your building. With proper maintenance their nests gone and leftover food, garbage or refuse removed, the rodents will not return.

Vole Extermination

Stewart Termite & Pest Control provides a number of rodent control services. In addition to rats and mice, we can take care of the voles and moles that are intruding in your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residential property as well. Voles, often referred to as meadow mice, are small. They range from about 5-8 inches long with a more brawny build than a mouse. Their head is round shaped and the snout is blunt, with legs and tails that are short and stubby. Voles have a full body of fur that scales in color from brownish to black. Their tail has thin hair and is darker on the upper side than the lower side. Like many rodents that live in the outdoors, voles are ground-dwellers. Because voles are prey to many predators, they will often attract them. Owls, hawks, cats, snakes, raccoons and foxes top the list. Voles are typically found in grassy and weedy areas for the dense protection it offers for cover. These particular rodents are a nuisance to have in your gardens and landscape since they eat a number of vegetation. In addition to ruining your plants, they can damage structure, utility lines, and personal property.

Don’t Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Moles are just as guilty of intruding on your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania landscape. Moles are not actually rodents, but are classified in a different group of animals called insectivores. They have long snouts, small eyes and ears that are hidden in the mounds of grayish fur. Their front feet have large claws that are used to assist in their digging habits. Their back feet are small, but still have sharp claws to assist in the digging and maneuvering underground. You can tell they are in your yard by the raised soil that is produced during tunneling.

Rodent Control

If you are noticing rats, mice, moles, voles or other rodents around your home, there are likely many others that remain hidden. Let the rodent exterminator experts find and remove the rodents safely to avoid injury. Call today to make an appointment and stop the problem immediately.

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