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Stewart Termite and Pest Control Company, located in Millvale, Pennsylvania, has been providing residential and commercial pest control and extermination services to the greater Pittsburgh area for over 20 years. Founded in 1987, we are a locally owned and operated business with ties to the community and an excellent reputation. This good business reputation has been developed over the years from our proven track record of providing affordable and effective pest control and extermination services. Our company is Pennsylvania state licensed, fully insured, and our number one objective is ridding your home of unwanted pests. Take
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Integrated Pest Management Program

Stewart Termite & Pest controls effective (IPM) Integrated Pest Management program specifically designed for residential customers to safeguard your home and family from unwanted pests for up to one full year! If the pests return so will Stewart Termite and Pest Control Co. at no additional cost throughout the year! The program begins with a complete inspection of the property. We will identify problems and conditions conducive to pest harborage,make recommendations for treatment including caulking,weather-stripping, etc., and provide a written proposal for service.

The service consists of an “8 step Initial Treatment,” with Three Quarterly exterior scheduled follow-up services designed to reduce the amount of service typically needed to be performed within the inside of your home throughout the year.

Exterior Pest Control

1. Bait shrubs, tree lines, flower bedding,wood piles, garbage areas and ant mounds.
2. Liquid treatment around all doors, windows and eaves on exterior.
3. Outside perimeter treatment with a non-repellent liquid to provide a barrier around the foundation to stop pests from climbing the exterior.
4. We will perform caulking and sealing to the exterior as identified on the initial inspection to eliminate potential entry points for insects and rodents.

Interior Pest Control

5. Crack and crevice treatments in potential harborage areas within the structure with a non-repellent material to eliminate pests that hide in these areas.
6. Bait placements in areas of kitchens and bathrooms where pests will travel to find food and moisture.
7. Special dust agents inside wall voids to target inside harborage and travel routes through the structure.
8. Baited materials in attic to target insect and rodent activity.

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